Screen Actors Guild Commercials Contract

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is a labor union that represents actors in the entertainment industry. One of its many functions is to negotiate contracts and agreements on behalf of its members. One such agreement is the Screen Actors Guild Commercials Contract, which governs the terms and conditions of commercials in which SAG members appear.

The commercials contract covers a wide range of topics, from payment and residuals to safety standards and working conditions. It also includes provisions for digital media, such as commercials that are broadcast online or through streaming services.

Under the commercials contract, SAG members are entitled to receive compensation for their work in commercials. This compensation is based on a variety of factors, including the type of commercial, the medium in which it is broadcast, and the length of time that the commercial airs. SAG members are also entitled to residuals – ongoing payments – when their commercials run beyond their initial broadcast.

The commercials contract also establishes safety standards for SAG members working on commercials. These standards cover everything from equipment and stunt coordination to work hours and meal breaks. Additionally, the contract includes provisions for actors who perform dangerous stunts or work with hazardous materials.

In recent years, the commercials contract has evolved to include provisions for digital media. With more and more commercials being broadcast online, SAG has negotiated agreements with advertisers and production companies to ensure that its members receive fair compensation for their work in digital media.

Overall, the Screen Actors Guild Commercials Contract is an important agreement that protects the rights and interests of SAG members working in commercials. By establishing clear standards and compensation guidelines, the contract ensures that actors are fairly compensated for their work and that their safety is protected on the job.

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